What is Sanity?

Sanity is a Multi-Purpose bot with a few perks up its sleves. You can learn more HERE

How do I use Sanity?

Well thats super easy if you run ()help in your discord server, you can get a full list of commands. Don't worry if you mess up a command, if you do the bot will tell you what you did wrong. If you still don't understand join the support server and well help you.

How do I get Link Gems?

You can get Link Gems by going to your profile page which can be found Here To view how many Link Gems you go to the same link as above, labled "Here".

Is there Premium?


How do I get Premium

So glad you asked! Go to THE PREMIUM PAGE

How long does the Premium last for?


Can I cancle my Premium for all a full refund of my Link Gems?

No. Sadly not right now.

Are there other ways to get Premium

Yes! You can get premium by opting into giveaways in the Support Server.

Whats the link to the Support Server?

CLICK HERE This is the perma link to the Support Server.

Is there a Sanity Testers Program?

No. We are doing all testing. If you really want to test you can DM Sanity Management in the support server.