A few notes: When you see LT or LT Gems we are refering to you LifeTime Total, explained furter later. Gems and Link Gems are the same thing. LT Gems are how many gems you have made in total regardless of if you spent any

Sanity offers Premium Feature. Now you might be saying "Where is the pay for Premium button?" well the answer is there is no pay button all you need to do is earn enough Link Gems.

What's the cost?

For the low cost of $0.00 in actual money and a little bit of Link Gems you can get it!!
The way our premium system is set up is basiclly buy as you go. You use your Gems to gain perks.
Let us explain:

You start with 20 links available if you have below 10000 LifeTime Gems. But as you get more and more Gems you'll automaticaly unlock more links.

Economy Premium Cost

If you have 30000 LT Gems you can have up to 30 Short Links

If you have 40000 LT Gems you can have up to 35 Short Links

If you have 50000 LT Gems you can have up to 40 Short Links

If you have 100,000 LT Gems you can have up to 50 Short Links.

How do I get it?

Well to get our premium you need to collect gems. How? Well, in the top right corner of the webpage you'll see your Profile image and/or your Username. Click that, then you should see a button that says "Me". Click that, then click Collect Your Daily Link Gems or click Collect Your Weekly Link Gems. Then follow the instructions.


You'll have two storages, one will be your LifeTime Total and the second will be your curent total.
LifeTime Total or LT gems are the total amount of Links Gems you have colleted.
Your Curent Total Link Gems is what you have left to to spend.
LifeTime Total will allow to to have more short links. The higher your LifeTime Total is the more Short Links you can have.